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05 сентября 22:39

Раскройте скобки употребляя глаголы в форме Future Simple или Future Continuous . 1) You ( to work ) all tomorrow morning

? 2)He ( to see) them tomorrow .He (to tell) them what you said. 3)I (to visit) her office next day . I (to ask) her then . 4)My son (to stay) with my parents for the holidays . 5)You (to stay) here all weekend ? 6)Don't disturb him , at the moment he ( to have) break-fast. 7)I (to see) the manager at the meeting next week. And he (to give) me all the information he knows . 8)Next year he (to come) to Paris . 9)You (to come) to our party? - No, I (to work) on my report . 10)Don't leave your child alone! He (to cry). 11)She (to give) me this book ? - No, she (to be) busy at that time . 12)Don't forget to take your umbrella. It ( to rain) the whole day. 13)What you (to do) at six o'clock tomorrow? - I (to play) the piano . 14)He (to leave) the hospital , as feels better. 15)We ( to be busy) this evening . We (to pack) our things.

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