Английский язык
05 сентября 22:22

Поставьте предложения в отрицательную форму.I. The sun goes round the Earth. 2. The sun rises in the West. 3. Mice catch

cats. 4.The volga flows into the Kama. 5. We go to the theatre every day, 6. 1 have coffee every morning. 7. Every summer she has a holiday in the South. 8. In the evening he usually draws pictures.9. I learn poems every day. 10. My sister loses something every time she travels by train.41 write an English exercise R. I drink coffee in the evening, 19. Your friend goes to school in the H. The baby morning always sleeps after breakfast, His grandmother works. 16 My sister studies at an institute. 17 My mother plays the piano in the moming.

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