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05 сентября 22:36

Поставьте глаголы в нужном времени(present simple or present continuous) Mr.Priestley always(to wear) a dark suit wears.

is wearing. wear Today he(to wear) a dark brown one wears. is wearing wear In the picture Mr.Priestley(to sit) in an armchair sits is sitting. sit He generally(to sit) in that chair in the evening sits. is sitting. sit In ever(to go)to bed before eleven o'clock at night goes. is going. go It's twelve o'clock so I(to go) to bed now goes am going. go The sun(to shine) just now and the sky is blue is shining. shines. shine The Earth(to move)around the sun move. is moving. moves The children in the picture(to play) on the sands play. are playing. plays

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